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Online nutrition coaching

I’m over the moon to receive such a lovely review from one of my online clients today. Her kind words are what makes my job so rewarding.

There’s been a huge shift towards online coaching  in recent years. It takes the hassle out of travelling to an appointment and maximises your time, especially when you can still receive ‘face-to-face’ time online for a more personal experience.

My approach is holistic. Tackling nutrition alone is never enough to see life-changing results. There are so many factors including lifestyle, exercise and emotional well-being. It’s my aim to encompass all parts of the well-being puzzle to create the life you truly want.

“Michelle makes the process of eating to train and maintain well-being effortless. I was originally apprehensive about getting some nutrition advice but Michelle takes the time and effort to truly understand your preferences, lifestyle and goals to ensure that the plan she devises fits with your life.


Online Nutrition Coaching

That approach has made it much easier to make significant changes (for which I’m feeling the benefit!), without feeling like you’re making any sacrifices – in fact I always feel full and my cravings for things such as diet coke have disappeared.

Michelle doesn’t simply produce a plan and let you get on with it, she’s always there for support and guidance and explores ways to make the plan adapt to your life. I would highly recommend her for nutritional advice and training and you will get the most from it by being honest about your eating and what does/doesn’t work” – Hayley

To find out more, head over to my Online Nutrition Coaching Page where I talk about the benefits, methods and pricing involved. Learn more about my tailored nutrition plans here.

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