My Testimonials

“I’ve worked with Michelle online since June 2015 and she’s proved to be a highly knowledgeable, deeply passionate professional. Her food plans and exercise plans have been consistently excellent and have helped me work towards my body composition and fitness goals at a much faster pace than I expected. She is extremely adept at making her plans and routines extremely focused on my individual routine, for a truly tailored service. I cannot recommend her highly enough and look forward to continuing to work with her” – Ardil Salem


Start Today – Benefit Tomorrow

“Quite simply, if you are serious about losing weight, getting in shape or generally feeling better about your body then speak to Michelle. I have literally changed my life because of her. I was never a bad eater in general but Michelle has shown me how much better I can feel about myself and my body by changing what I eat. And the best thing about it is that the food she recommends is actually way nicer than the unhealthy food I was eating in the first place. It was all a great process. I told her exactly what I wanted and she told me exactly what I needed to do to achieve it. She was very supportive also which was great and she took a genuine interest in how I was doing and I always knew she was on hand to answer any questions diet wise or training wise. Her training methods were very simple but very effective. I burned fat and increased muscle size in no time and I never once signed up for a gym as we had regular online coaching sessions. Michelle is great, she puts the “personal” in Personal Trainer” – Dominic Hughes

“I was an emotional eater and I used to have a lot of sugar cravings. I needed online support in terms of nutrition and training as I work from home and struggle to find the time to get out. I also needed someone I could learn from in how to build a healthy lifestyle. I was lucky when I found Michelle! Training with her is a pleasure, not a duty. Every Skype training session is different so you can’t get bored and it’s the same for nutrition. You receive a meal plan, not a diet. The secret of the plan is including food that will boost your energy and detox your body! I’ve been working with Michelle for 2 weeks and I’ve already lost a dress size, my skin is glowing and I feel a lot of energy all the time. If you’re honest with her about your behaviours week by week on food and training, results are definitely guaranteed!” – Daniela Pavan

“In the three short months I have been training with Michelle I have experienced a transformation. Firstly, through taking a detailed case history of food; likes and dislikes – Michelle has transformed my diet – I eat more now than I previously ate and yet I have lost and maintained a healthy weight. Secondly, through taking a detailed case history of exercises I like and dislike, injuries and so on; then producing a training schedule which dovetails with the sports nutrition diet I have gone from being ‘sporty’ to being an ‘athlete’. I have more endurance, stamina and strength as well as a lean, toned, fit and healthy body which of course enables me to think even more clearly and enjoy a better quality of life. Michelle is a good listener and from my experience really does ‘tailor’ the nutrition and training plans to the individual.” – Nicole Marais

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